Top Steaks of Dublin Bay

When it comes to dining out a lot of people usually include a good steak in their orders. This is primarily because it is one of those recipes that only a few people can do well at home; however, not all steaks taste the same. Here is a list of the 10 best steaks in Dublin.

F.X. Buckley

FXB’s steak is one of the most delicious steaks there is in Dublin. They are served in 4 various locations and are among their popular choices of order. They are best served with craft beers. The restaurants that serve these steaks offers excellent service and are a good place to watch games and matches while dining.

The Butcher Grill

The Butcher Grill is a small restaurant located at the center of Ranelagh. Obviously, their main menu is primarily about steaks and meats. More often than not, they offer delectable specials on their menu. Their T-Bone for 2 that comes with several side dishes is the popular steak of choice.


Although Darwin’s is not as posh as the other restaurants on the list, they serve one of the best steaks in town.


Shanahan’s is a go-to restaurant if you want big servings and excellent services. The staff takes care of their customers lie a king and serves large side dishes and steaks that are fed with corn.


Asador is a luxury barbecue joint that cook their steak on the open fire, Argentinian-style. How they prepare and marinate their steaks is something that makes them one of a kind.


Brookwood is a classic steak house that serves signature steaks that would satisfy your taste buds. Although you will be paying a good fortune for the food, the ingredients and the recipe itself is worth it.

Marco Pierre White – Dawson Stress

Marco Pierre White is actually one of the most popular chefs worldwide. While he is not really cooking the menu himself, his kitchen and restaurant staffs are excellent. Although their steak is a bit pricey, they taste good in a way that their ingredients are added very precisely.

The Chop House

The Chop House is a restaurant pub which is a nice place to go to before attending an event in Aviva. It is designed like a casual pub; however, they serve good restaurant cooked steaks. Be sure to go there with a large appetite as their food is served in generous servings.


The Bear is actually a restaurant that specializes in serving meat turned into steaks. Their meats here are available in different cuts. The bavette is a flavorful dish and is relatively new to the taste of the Irish people.


This restaurant serves a French-style steak with chips and sauce on the side that is as good as the steak itself.

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