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The restaurants in Dublin have been greatly improved over the past few years. All of the meals they offer already have VAT included in its menu price. However, a 12.5% service charge is usually added to bills; even though some diners would still give tips to waiters of approximately 5 to 10 percent of the bill. But if service charge isn’t included, they usually give tips between 12.5 to 15 percent of the total bill. Most restaurants, on the other hand, accept credit cards for payments. Below is a list of the restaurants in Dublin according to categories.

Cheap Restaurants (under €35)

  • Ely
    The Ely restaurant is a wine bar that occupies the ground floor and the basement of a wonderful Georgian townhouse located close to St. Stephen’s Green. They serve a delicious Irish menu for a very affordable price; which include Irish sew and Dublin coddle). In addition, they also have about 80 different wines by glass. This restaurant is highly recommended for tourists who are on a budget and who are interested in trying Irish dishes.
  • Gallagher’s Boxty House
    Gallagher’s Boxty House is one of the most popular, traditional Irish restaurants in Dublin. It is located in the Temple Bar and they have simple, homey decorations of pine furniture and bookcases. The specialty of this restaurant is boxties which is composed of griddled potato cakes that contain savory fillings of beef, beamish stout, smoked fish, or bacon and cabbage. They also offer various Irish dishes such as coddles (made up of sausage, onion, bacon, and potato hotpot), steaks, stews, vegetarian dishes, and seafood as well.
  • Leo Burdock’s
    Leo Burdock’s is the oldest and most popular fish ‘n’ chip restaurant in town. They are usually packed with people. This is primarily the reason why you should condition yourself to queue in before going to the restaurant. They serve tasty fresh and large crispy chips made from fine Irish potatoes.

Moderately Priced Restaurants (€35 to €50)

  • Bon Appetit
    Bon Appetit may be far from Dublin’s city proper, but it is actually worth the ride out for sample Michelin star cooking. The restaurant has been open since 2006. Oliver Dunne, their head chef, makes use of locally grown ingredients for his menus. The most popular option there is their multi-course tasting menu; however, they also have cheaper alternatives, but still deliciously good brasserie.
  • Farm
    There aren’t a lot of places in Dublin that serves good Irish food and very well located at the heart of Dublin. The Farm opened in 2007 that has a modern vibe which attracted many loyal customers that come and enjoy their organic beef and lamb recipes. Their recipes are simple but with ingredients that are very noteworthy. They also have the best menu for children in the city.
  • Les Freres Jacques
    Les Freres Jacques is Dublin’s top French restaurant located near the heart of the city, just across the Dublin Castle. The restaurant is best known for its classic, seasonal menu, and excellent seafood menu; among its popular seafood choices are west coast oysters and grilled lobsters. Their interior is designed with traditional decorations with white linens. They have excellent wine list and a very formal service from the staff. As a matter of fact, they are popular among executives having business lunches.

Expensive Restaurant (Over €50)

  • Fallon & Byrne
    Fallon & Byrne is a great restaurant that serves menus that are made up of Ireland’s top class produce. The place boasts of two divisions, the restaurant and the food hall, that complements well with those that are looking for a formal meal and those that wants to dine in a formal manner. They have excellent wine choices; in fact, they have a wine cellar in the venue itself.
  • Pig’s Ear
    The Pig’s Ear restaurant has recently opened near an old school in Dublin, Trinity College. The offer menus that serve classic Irish dishes such as potted crab and shepherd’s pie. Their experimental menu with rough terrine with pineapple chutney has been among their recommendable dishes.
  • The Dylan Restaurant
    The Dylan Restaurant is one of Dublin’s elegant dining restaurants that is similar to the style of its hotel. They have a delectable menu that utilizes fine ingredients, as well as strong flavors; this food establishment does not rely too much on experimentation, however. Some of their dishes include Dublin Bay Prawns with pork belly and saddle of Irish lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, pancetta and mushrooms.
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