Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

One of the largest food festivals in Ireland is set along the Dublin Bay. It will be held at Howth, a seaside fishing village, which has a great food village that features fun entertainment and best festival menus from local well-celebrated eateries in Dublin.

Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival features a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, pubs, and retailers that will give you various foods that have ingredients that are grown and produced in Howth. Howth is widely known for having great food primarily because it is home to many local ingredients that make up for a delicious Irish dish.

Currently on its 5th year, the Dublin Bay Festival has had a good reputation at the local and international seas. The festival doesn’t only highlight excellent food selections but also showcases the culture, history, and activities you can enjoy in Dublin.

Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

The festival food village has a magnificent view of Dublin Bay’s harbor in Howth. Various award-winning restaurants in Howth join the festival to showcase the different ways of cooking prawns, as well as serve their signature prawn recipes and also other seafood recipes to thousands of happy customers. More often than not, festival-goers enjoy sitting under the sun and soaking up at the seaside while eating scrumptious food and a beer in hand.

The festival food village usually hosts many exhibitions that include cooking demonstrations from both local and celebrity chefs; classes on making fish fillet and net mending from the local’s fishermen and fishmongers; events that showcase videos and storyboards that outlines the history of Howth and its seafood traditions; as well as some storytelling events of their culture.

There are also several restaurants and pubs around Howth that would let you enjoy great entertainment with good music. Aside from the menus offered by the festival, festival-goers also enjoy getting to know the locals.

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