Child-Friendly Restaurants around Dublin Bay

Dining out with children can be challenging at times primarily because children don’t eat most of what adults eat. Aside from that, it can be difficult to look for a restaurant that is inviting for both parents and the child (not unless you go to a fast food chain). Moreover, kids have this tendency to go on tantrums when the food takes too long and they’re already hungry. Anyhow, there are key principles that any parent should follow when dining out with them.

  • Kids’ Menu. The restaurant you should dine in should have kid’s menu that would appeal to your child’s taste buds. More often than not, food for kids is cheaper than what we (adults) eat. If a certain restaurant offers food that your child would like, such as fried chicken, then it might just be a child-friendly one.
  • Crayons and Coloring Books. Note that some restaurants actually incorporate these on their menus to simply distract the kids and make them not notice the time; if there are none, you might as well bring something that the kid can enjoy for a while. Some parents bring their iPads and coloring books to distract them in case they throw tantrums.
  • An Inviting Atmosphere. Kids tend to run around and play in restaurants; going to restaurants with patient staff can go a long way when dining with your kids.

Having these 3 principles in mind, then finding a child-friendly restaurant in Dublin might not be as challenging as you first thought it would be. However, if you are new to the place, here is a list of some of the restaurants you might want to bring your child to.


Milano is a restaurant that is known to be friendly to the kids. With this restaurant, you won’t really worry whether your child would throw tantrums here and there, as a lot of parents bring their kids here. They serve menus that kids would love, including pizzas, pastas, and dough balls. They even have puzzles and colorful pages on their menus to keep them distracted while you wait for food to be served.

Eddie Rockets

Eddie Rockets is a burger joint that serves decent burgers and the best milkshakes that kids will love. The place is very child-friendly that they even give kids coloring books, kids menu, as well as gifts upon leaving. Aside from the menu, they also have good music and excellent speed of service which makes it an excellent choice if you bring your kids along for dinner or lunch. Moreover, they have family treats that will give you big discounts on some of their menus; thus, you can still enjoy dining in between pay days.

Crabby Jo’s

Although the younger kids won’t probably enjoy he walk on Howth Head pier, they would find it exciting to deed the seals in the docks. Crabby Jo’s offer menus that is best for casual family dining. Although there are only few spots for kids to enjoy, the place is ideal for adults only. However, they offer ice cream floats that kids will eat while you enjoy their seafood menus.

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian has exciting dining rooms. Noisy kids can easily be drowned out by adults. Their menu offers cheap food for kids; however, your budget might be easily blown as soon as you begin order food for the adults.

Seapoint, Monkstown

Seapoint, Monkstown is located near the pier. It is a small restaurant that incorporates delicious menus for kids. They have large restaurant booths that will keep the kids from running around the venue and prevent them from doing any mischief or harm.


The Toscana restaurant is located in Dun Laoghaire which has a good overlooking view of the pier. Toscana is an Italian restaurant that gives an elegant and luxurious feel; which is why you would want your kids to be as decent as possible. With its excellent view and location, you can let the kids enjoy looking at the ships at the docks while you dine. They also offer menus that kids will also enjoy. You may also let the kids enjoy the play grounds in the area after dining.

Pigeon House Café

Pigeon House Café is a combination of both healthy and indulgent food, with a kids’ menu that your children would surely indulge in. There is a Fire House Bakery downstairs that sell sweet and savory treats after eating.


Most Avoca café and restaurants are child0friendly. They have excellent salmon salad and serve tasty desserts. They also have kids’ menus that offer the children cookies, a drink of their choice, and a main dish as well. It is ideal for those who come in large groups. After dining, you can let your children wander off the play ground near the restaurant.


The Ely restaurant is located near the IFSC. It is a good restaurant for dining with children. Its location is great if you want to enjoy a nice stroll along the Liffey after dining.


Nando’s have an excellent staff as they are tolerant and patient with kids. They have a good dining atmosphere for families and you can choose from a wide variety of menus. They also have branches in Dun Laoghaire, Tallaght, and Blachardstown.

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