11 Best Craft Beer Pubs

Aside from the historical buildings and museums, Dublin is popular for its pubs; with locals and tourist a like enjoying Ireland’s famous craft beers. However, not all of these pubs are noteworthy as there are only a few of them who serve the tastiest brews. Here is a list of the 11 best pubs you need to visit when you’re in Dublin.

11 Best Craft Beer Pubs

57 The Headline

57 the Headline is one of the newer pubs that is located just near Harold’s Cross. They offer various Irish craft beers on draught and they utilize Irish produce. Besides the usual tables, chairs, and bars that you often see in a pub, they have couches and comfortable chairs that you can relax in to read your papers and enjoy your pint on a chill Sunday.

Against The Grain

The Cottage Group (Galway Bay Brewery) launched their first pub in Dublin in 2010 and called it “Against the Grain”. Chris, 23, the head brewer of Galway Bay, introduced craft beers such as “Of Foam and Fury”; that was branded by some tourists and locals as the best craft beer in Ireland.

Against the Grain pub offers rare special beers that aren’t made available by other pubs in the country. They also host pub quizzes every month, entitled “Against the Brain”, which has become extremely popular among the locals. Rumor has it, the pub will be launching a new food concept any time soon.

Alfie Byrne’s

Alfie Byrne’s is a place to be if you want to drink craft beer in style. It’s a new pub near the Hilton Conrad Hotel which is just across the National Concert Hall. The interior of the pub is nice and shiny. Unlike some craft beer pubs, you won’t have to worry about broken chairs. The place has a terrace beside a fountain that is great during the Summer Season in Dublin.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is also owned by the Galway Brewery. The pub is great if you are interested in trying out beers that are on a cask. They feature 4 cask engines and they would always have something new to try. The place is popular among the working class along Capel Street and it is a highly recommended place for having a pint of beer before and after watching a movie in the cinemas.

The Brew Dock

The Brew Dock has the friendliest and most welcoming staff in Dublin. Their staff makes you feel comfortable and they do not mind answering your questions about the beers they offer; in fact, they give you free samples of draught beers just to help you make up your mind. The pub’s location is very accessible as it is just on the platform of BusarasLuas stop; it is also near several tourist spots including IFSC and the Convention Centre.

The Bull & Castle

The Bull & Castle somewhat resembles the German beer hall. It’s the only pub in Dublin that offers beers by Maß. The pub is owned by the FXB; thus they have amazing good meat that is being used in their recipes. They have a restaurant in their downstairs area and a bar with food upstairs. This pub is ideal for those who want to come in groups to watch a game on TV. In game days, however, you need to book a table because the place is swamped with many people.


Farrington’s is a pub that offers 28 different craft beers. They feature interesting beer specials and they usually are the first in terms of new beers. They recently work together with certain breweries every month in order to get their products in the whole range on tap. This march, they will be working with Carlow Brewing Company that produces O’Hara’s Beers.

11 Best Craft Beer Pubs

J.W. Sweetman

J.W. Sweetman, previously known as Messrs Maguire, is a great pub to visit primarily because they brew their beers on site. They offer brewery tours that will give you an idea about how their beers are made or you can book for the “Brewmaster’s Dinner” that showcases how to best pair their beers with food. Another notable thing with this pub is that they have the best prices for their beers. They often feature seasonal specials wherein they showcase beers that have excellent quality.

The pub is huge, having 3 floors, and they have spaces that are available for group reservations. They offer food menus that are good as well. From the top floors, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of Liffey, O’Connell Bridge, Spire, and O’Connell Street. Unlike most craft beer pubs, this pub also offers non-craft ones.

L. Mulligan Grocer

The L. Mulligan Grocer is a go-to craft beer pub if you want to eat while drinking a pint of beer in Dublin. They offer gourmet foods that are excellent pairs for their craft beers. Their staffs are highly knowledgeable about their craft and they’re very passionate about their beers, as well as their specials. . One of their best menus is the Sunday roast and pairs it with their recommended beer.

Porterhouse Temple Bar

Porterhouse Temple Bar was launched as a brew pub way back 1996 and it was the first ever craft beer pub in Dublin. During their early years of establishment, they used to brew their beers on the pub; you can still see their old brewing equipment in the pub up until today. The place is designed and filled with hundreds of beer bottles from all over the world; thus it would be ideal for tourists to check the place out. The pub is known for their live music, as well as their traditional Irish food (which is stew, fish & chips, and bacon & cabbage).

Sheary’s Bar and Lounge, Crumlin

Sheary’s Bar and Lounge is a craft beer pub that offers 6 taps of beer and lots of bottles. They also have a new “wine on tap” special, as well us Pizza & craft beer combination deals. You can also enjoy watching games and listening to live music during Fridays and Saturdays in this pub.

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